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Try HLSL online

1 minute read

Introducing a new website that lets you try out the old and new HLSL compilers online.

Introducing HLSL Tools for Visual Studio

6 minute read

TL/DR HLSL Tools is a Visual Studio extension - for VS2013 and VS2015, Community Edition upwards - that provides enhanced support for editing High Level Sha...

Gemini v0.6 released

2 minute read

After 141 commits from 6 contributors over the last 16 months, I am very pleased to announce that Gemini v0.6 has been released. If you haven’t heard of Gem...

Cross-platform C# and F# in 2015

4 minute read

C# and (lest we forget) F# are great choices for cross-platform development. Long gone are the days when .NET meant Windows-only - and in reality those days ...