Desert Island Discs

Apparently Desert Island Discs is the longest running music programme in the history of radio, having been running since 1942. Despite not yet being a celebrity, I thought I’d jot down my choice of music, not forgetting my book and luxury item.

  1. Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel
    Performer: Barenaked Ladies
    CD Title: Maroon

  2. Mr Jones
    Performer: Counting Crows
    CD Title: August and Everything After

  3. The One I Love
    Performer: David Gray
    CD Title: Life in Slow Motion

  4. Iris
    Performer: Goo Goo Dolls
    CD Title: Dizzy up the Girl

  5. Nightswimming
    Performer: R.E.M.
    CD Title: Automatic for the People

  6. I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You
    Performer: Tom Waits
    CD Title: Closing Time

  7. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
    Performer: U2
    CD Title: Achtung Baby

  8. Meditation (from Thaïs)
    Performer: Herbert von Karajan
    Composer: Jules Massenet
    CD Title: Meditation

Record: Achtung Baby

Book: Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King

Luxury: An unlimited supply of Skittles (the sweets), and a set of false teeth