New SharpDX module for Gemini - Direct3D in your AvalonDock

I’ve just added a new module (and demo) to Gemini, which is designed to integrate SharpDX-rendered content into documents and tool panes. Specifically, I’m using SharpDX Toolkit, because it has a nice simple API, but you can still drop down to the lower-level API when you need to.

It’s quite easy to use. In the XAML for your document or tool pane view, add the DrawingSurface control:

<gemini:DrawingSurface x:Name="GraphicsControl"
  UnloadContent="OnGraphicsControlUnloadContent" />

In the view code-behind, implement methods to load content, draw and unload content. Have a look at the demo source code for an example. These methods will be called automatically when needed (i.e. when the device is lost, or the user drags a document out to a floating window, etc.).

I added this module because I want to write a few SharpDX samples, and I’d like to host them in a WPF application.

I can’t take credit for most of the code. I started with the WPFHost SharpDX Direct3D10 Sample, modified it to work with SharpDX Toolkit, and integrated it into Gemini.

You’ll find the Gemini source code in the Gemini repository on GitHub.

I will release new NuGet packages, including one for this module, in due course. This SharpDX module joins the existing XNA module.