Xbox One XDK shader intrinsics now available in HLSL Tools for Visual Studio

I’m very happy to announce that the latest version of HLSL Tools for Visual Studio (v1.1.197 at the time of writing) includes full IntelliSense support for Xbox One XDK shader intrinsic functions.

If you don’t write games for the Xbox One, then feel free to stop reading now; but if you do, then I think you’ll find this really useful. You get statement completion, signature help, and quick info for these shader intrinsics (all but one of which is prefixed by __XB_, so these functions won’t clutter things up for non-XDK HLSL developers).

If you write shaders for the Xbox One, then give HLSL Tools for Visual Studio a try! As always, let me know if you find any bugs. In terms of feature requests, please read this note before requesting additional intrinsics or other functionality from the XDK (basically, if you’ve signed an NDA for this stuff, then you’re still under that NDA).

I’d like to give a big shout-out to Adam Miles for making this feature possible; he did almost all the hard work, including documenting the intrinsics themselves.

Happy coding!