Progress on the coloured squares

After repetitively banging my head against a wall (and then having a frustrating time with game programming), I’m finally starting to make some progress with my coloured squares. Or Torq2, as I like to call it.

Soon I’ll be saying “we” are making progress, because a friend has just joined me on the project - which makes it, I hope, marginally more likely that the game will be finished one day. We’ve previously worked together on the little known driving game known affectionately, to about 3 people, as “MouldCar”, and not known at all by anybody else.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot of the current status of Torq2. It really doesn’t look like much - but that actually represents the bulk of the work for getting the terrain engine up and running. It’s quite scalable and will be able to support huge landscapes through an elegant LOD scheme.