Primitive Professions

Seeing as we seem to be rapidly destroying our world through removing our ozone layer and causing global warming, it got me thinking - if a scenario such as the film “The Day After Tomorrow” envisages did in fact happen, what would be the most useful skills to have afterwards?

I’m pretty sure that software engineers would not be high on the list. Doctors would probably come top - then, for a society to last longer than a few days (after we’d looted everything from the local Asda), we’d need farmers. Eventually, there’d be traders, etc. In fact it may not be too different from the original rise of civilisation.

Or would it? Have we learnt anything in the last X thousand years that would help us become “civilised” more quickly the next time around? Could we use pure knowledge to rebuild, or are we now so dependent on our infrastructure that without it we’d be crippled?